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Do you want to practice yoga in Thailand ?

Come immerse yourself in a beautiful paradise where the jungle merges with the sea and experience the profound and healing effects of yoga. Yoga is extremely beneficial for mindfulness training, flexibility, building strength, weight loss, improving posture, it is also proven to assist the healing process of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Here in Thailand we offer a wide range of different types of yoga such as restorative yoga, ashtanga yoga and vinyasa flow. All the classes are suitable for beginners. Yoga Thailand programs include meals, massage, healing treatments and a traditional Thailand herbal sauna to promote a healthy lifestyle. Yoga Thailand promotes classes like, pranayama (breath control), and yoga nidra (yogic sleep) with an emphasis on deep states of meditation as well as concentration. Here on Koh Phangan we offer lectures covering topics such as the history of yoga, the origins and development of yoga and the physical, spiritual and emotional benefits of the yoga poses. In addition to our program, enjoy leasure activities such as swimming in the pristine beaches in the beautiful gulf of Thailand and exploring Koh Phangan fertile jungles, and watching the magical sunsets, one has the opportunity for deep transformation and to receive the tools to create a healthier lifestyle back at home. Trade your to do list for a retreat on Koh Phangan here in Thailand and find yourself glowing in one of the most esteemed and recognized wellness programs Koh Phangan has to offer.

Why do yoga in Koh Phangan, Thailand?

Koh Phangan, a special island located in the southern gulf of Thailand, caries an energetic resonance that promotes this powerful place of healing. Before people settled on the land, it was discovered by Buddhist monks. The oldest temple on the island, Wat Phu Khao Noi was founded around 1400 by Buddhist monks that discovered Koh Phangan and found the spiritual energies to be quite palpable. Koh Phangan was then honored with visits of four different Thailand kings including the reigning monarch, H.M. King Bhumibol (Rama IX). The Great Chulalongkorn (Rama V) is said to have visited the island 14 times between 1888 and 1909. Koh Phangan has had profound effects on spiritual healers and kings of Thailand. When you visit the island, spend some time in nature, you will understand why. The ocean is turquoise, calm and one can float for hours. The Koh Phangan jungle is fertile, green and the sound of the insects at sunset is mesmerizing. The waterfalls are clear and purifying. Sunsets on Koh Phangan can stop all thought patterns and bring one into the sacred beauty of the present moment. Many people from the busy life of the west come to Koh Phangan Thailand and find the gentle, magical nature of the island to help them to slow down, de-stress and enjoy the beautiful moments life has to offer. Is Koh Phangan easy to travel to? Arriving on Koh Phangan is much easier than most people think, there is an airport just across the water and ferries run multiple times a day. The people of Thailand have a tourist friendly vibe and have made traveling to this mystical island a stress free experience.

How do I realize my dream of doing yoga on the beach in Thailand?

We can help you perfect your yoga practice, through asana clinics and yoga teacher training workshops as well as deepening yourself into the spiritual aspects of yoga. Numerous scientific papers have been written and published in world renowned journals documenting the vast mental and physical benefits of yoga. It is not just the practice but also the place, Thailand is a spiritually awakened and conscious country and Koh Phangan is the island for your next yoga retreat. Our peaceful yoga Shala provides the space for physical practice and the views for mental calmness.

How do I book a yoga retreat with Yoga Thailand?

Our retreat programs offer two hatha yoga classes per day. All courses are conducted in a beautiful ocean-view setting with healthy food and a friendly, supportive environment.
Orion Healing Centre’s Yoga Thailand and Personal Empowerment Programs serve as a vehicle to provide individuals with access to the eternal wisdom of yoga through its practice, philosophy, and lifestyle.

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